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Monday, August 24, 2015


In 2003,Anwar Ibrahim and his family were the beneficiaries of an apparent tax fraud perpetrated by IIIT.According to its own tax filings for that year,IIIT made $92,200 in contributions to Ibrahim’s daughter, Nurul Izzah.Where it listed the donations to Izzah on the tax forms,IIIT violated U.S. law by indicating “none” under the heading “Donee’s Relationship.” The group would have lost its tax-exempt status had it been known that it was sending money to the family member of a director. Ibrahim never disavowed this act when given the chance and even stated explicitly that these contributions were made for the education of his six children.

At a 2005 ABIM conference in Malaysia,Dr. Ahmad Totonji -- IIIT's Vice President and a co-founder of a Saudi-financed Islamic charity with ties to the SAAR Foundation and al Qaeda --praised Ibrahim's efforts to promote Islamic rule in his homeland : “We have changed the world.I first came to Malaysia in 1970 and was met by Br[other] Anwar.... I am glad to see sisters everywhere in Malaysia today wearing [the] hijab. We have made a better world for Muslims." Totonji further congratulated Ibrahim for his success in disguising his underlying desire to replace Malaysia's parliamentary democracy with a system based on Sharia Law : “It was wise not to involve ABIM in the political work, it was wise to keep daawah[proselytization] separate from politics.” Returning to the political arena in time for Malaysia’s 2008 general election, Ibrahim led the Opposition Coalition to winning more parliamentary seats than ever before, though not enough to defeat the UMNO. Later that year, new charges of sodomy were brought against Ibrahim. As of September 2011, they had not yet been adjudicated. On numerous occasions,Ibrahim has expressed anti-Israel and anti-Semitic views. 

A few days after the Israeli seizure of the terrorist-laden Free Gaza Movement flotilla in May 2010,for instance, he led a chanting protest mob of thousands in front of the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. "Israelis are able to continue with their aggression because of the soft position taken by the [American] President," Ibrahim declared.Three days later, in the Malaysian parliament,he said: “Israel wouldn’t dare to attack the flotilla and set up blockades in Gaza without the support of America.”

Artikel panjang boleh baca di DTN sumber asal oleh Rachel Ehrenfeld dan The NewLedger. - MyMassa


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